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dinsdag 28 februari 2017


I am glad to announce the birth of the axe Jarnsida. Just finished it. It is named in honour of Bjorn Ironside one of the greatest vikings ever, son of Ragnar, besieger of Paris, one of the leaders of the great army, conquerer of the meditaranian, defeater of muslim Al Andalus....

The axe is ade of a strip of high carbon steel welded in soft carbon iron. Inlayed in the armenian technique with coperwire. Shafted with willow, tanned in a torch and finaly finished with a leather strapping attached with messing nails. And It even feels great to hold...

dinsdag 14 februari 2017

The bard's song

houten figuur, gelaagd figuurzaagwerk, ingekleurd met acrylverf. Oorspronkelijk een verlucht miniatuur uit een Iers middeleeuws boek.